Lesnes Abbey Woods

Our trip to Erith this morning took a lot longer than we expected; we spent nearly an hour parked in a tunnel until they worked out that our train could push the broken-down train out of the station just ahead of us. When our carriage finally moved next to the platform, we had to get out and transfer to a third train that was stuck behind us. I can’t imagine the chaos this would have caused if it had occurred during rush hour on a weekday!
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Loughton to Buckhurst Hill via Epping Forest

I woke to hear rain last night, so I wondered if I was making a wise decision to go bike riding in Epping Forest again today. But the forecast claimed the rain had passed, and I figured the likelihood of muddy conditions isn’t going to diminish in the next few weeks, so I decided to seize the opportunity.
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River Crane

When we began the River Brent walk last Saturday, we passed a signboard pointing to another river walk in the opposite direction, which looked interesting. These two walks are both part of the London Loop. Unfortunately today we made the mistake of returning to Richmond and crossing the bridge to find the sign again, instead of starting at Twickenham station as the trail notes suggested.
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