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Gidday, I’m John Potter.

From the beginning of 2012 until June 1919 I maintained a blog documenting my travels and adventures. By 2019, my mum had stopped her regular visits to the site due to her increasing dementia, and she had always been my primary audience. Then my second biggest fan (and close friend) decided to end his life on Good Friday 2019, because he didn’t want to live into his 80’s.

So when we returned from our Japan trip, I stopped the blog, and for the next four years it looked like our adventures were over. This is very much not the case – I just don’t make a record any more.

I have since realised that when I am intending to describe a situation or place to an audience, it significantly changes my subjective experience. Similarly with photography – I start thinking about composing a subject, framing, lighting, etc., etc.

I have discovered that I prefer to spend more of my time in the here-and-now.

Photo above is at Puhinui Creek, Manukau, at the end of May 2023.