About this site

About this site

Since I spend so much of my life hassling clients to update their blogs, I’ve decided to try and set an example.

But to make it more of a challenge, I’m going to write everything and upload everything you see on the site directly from my Samsung Galaxy III phone or Note 10.1 tablet.

I originally intended to start this project 3 years ago when I purchased my previous phone, an HP Ipaq. I became surprisingly proficient at inputting text using a stylus, but the camera was a joke. After going to the extent of buying extra software to upload photos, I gave up in disappointment.

Here’s me blogging:


For those interested in the technical details, I mostly use the WordPress for Android App to add text. A large bluetooth keyboard makes typing much easier.

I tend to find the browser better for uploading photos. A WordPress plugin then sends the image to an Amazon bucket, where it is archived. The actual images are served by Jetpack Photon.

Get in touch if you want help with WordPress

I live mostly in New Zealand, but I get about a bit