Cudgerie Loop and Mt Cooroora

Today’s adventure started with a drive to the top of Black Mountain, which was pretty much a waste of time unless you are extremely interested in telecommunication towers. We then made a detour to the end of Black Mountain Rd before realising that we should have been on Black Mountain Ridge Rd, which heads in the opposite direction.
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Noosa National Park

It was after 10 by the time we got ourselves organised and in to the park, by which time every carpark was taken, so we drove over to Sunshine Beach and found one of the southern entrances. This part is very dry, with sandy tracks and lots of Australian Grass trees. When we were here last time there had been a big fire and everything was black, but the forest has now recovered and turned green again.

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Daves Creek Circuit Lamington National Park

At the crack of dawn this morning a kookaburra outside our window let us know it was time to get up. We had planned to camp up at Binna Burra, but hundreds of other people had the same idea, and enough of them had remembered to make advance bookings, so every site was full. When  we saw all the tents packed together like sardines, we stopped behind disappointed.

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