Otara Creek trail

Over the last couple of days, Felicity and I have been continuing our exploration of South East Auckland. Yesterday we started by checking out Barry Curtis park in Flat Bush.

It is a bit bare at present, but as the trees grow it will become an interesting area to walk in.

We couldn’t help noticing a huge Buddhist temple across the road, so went in to pay our respects. After carrying my backpack past a sign with booze, cigarettes and a meat chop covered with red crosses, I thought guiltily of the roast lamb ciabatta buns Felicity had made us for lunch, and offered to wait outside while she took a look around. Fortunately, just inside the door a young woman invited us to leave our bags on a shelf, so our contraband was safe.

Next we headed up the hill to Mission Heights where we walked some of the trails in the huge Point View Reserve. After a picnic lunch at the trig, we headed down into the bush where we discovered an attractive bridge above a small waterfall.

Today we’ve been exploring the upper reaches of Otara Creek. We ended up having lunch on the hillside below Redoubt Rd; not far from the top where the mountain bike trails start heading down the other side to Totara Park.

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