Tawharanui Art Exhibition

On the way to see a display of art and sculpture at Tawharanui Regional Park, we stopped at the Matakana market for supplies.

The lady in the cheese stall captured our attention by offering us a sample of some aged Gouda, which we didn’t buy, followed by many other samples, some of which we did buy. We left with pieces of cow, goat, sheep and buffalo cheese. We’ve purchased the buffalo boccacini in the past, and it is just about worth the trip on its own.

We had planned to buy some fresh artisan bread for lunch (to eat with our cheese), but then we found the woman selling Sicilian food, and remembered from last time that it is not to be missed. So we bought two of everything. She was a bit horrified that we planned to eat it all cold, but it tasted just fine to me.

The art exhibition was interesting. We saw several pieces that we both liked; if ever we win Loto a few local artists will benefit.

The weather was drizzly and windy, and the sea was rough, so we decided that snorkelling wasn’t worth the effort. Walking out to the point was fun though, and the rain kindly fell just off the coast most of the time.

We returned via the Ecology Trail and the route down the main stream through the big Pururi. The noise from the birds was impressive; the predator fence is obviously doing a great job.

When we arrived back at the car, we felt hot and sweaty enough to change into our swimming gear and head into the surf. After a few minutes of body surfing, Felicity asked where my favourite yellow swim cap was, and I realised that it had been swept off in the excitement. Then, about ten minutes later, I spotted a yellow blob floating out to sea only a few metres away! So I still have it 🙂

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