Ti Point in new motorhome

At the beginning of August we took delivery of our new Explorer Navigator Motorhome, so since then we have been impatient to get it kitted out and have our first adventure.

This weekend Felicity had a conference in Christchurch to attend, but since her flight down wasn’t until Saturday afternoon we decided to spend a night “up north” somewhere. That turned out to be at the end of the road out to the Ti Point boat ramp.

It is a huge step up from our previous van. We were able to push a button to turn on the diesel heating, and another to heat up a tank full of hot water.

There were a couple of rain showers, but we were warm and dry inside so it didn’t matter a bit. We took a bottle of actual French Champagne that someone must have left at our house after a function in the past, so our inaugural dinner seemed like an appropriate occasion to drink it.

We snuggled up in our permanent bed over the cab and watched a movie on my tablet, then slept comfortably until quite late. Felicity still can’t walk far after her toe operation, so we saved the one and a half hour walk for another time, and headed to the Matakana Farmers’ Market. As usual there was lots of nice food to eat, but we had made the mistake of eating breakfast, so we limited our purchases to some buffalo cheese and a loaf of bread for lunch back at home.

2 thoughts on “Ti Point in new motorhome”

  1. gee johnpotter you do get around , here you were on sat, 1308 and now theres a tale of an un-sceduald ( Sic) lay over and v. compfy sleep in . we didn’t get to see the nude lady modeling the shower . the dining room with the big winders appears comfy , I still don’t care how my spelling comes out .
    but seriously folks we do wish you many carefree low maintainence
    km’s and we wonder if you fill your log-book from the bottom of the page . to the top . subtraction of daily km’s is much easier .

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