Huruhuru Creek

I’ve been keen to try out my new kayak racks since I got them, and today I got my wish.

We launched at the end of Te Atatu peninsular, planning to explore Henderson creek. The wind in our face made it a bit uphill, so when we saw a smaller channel on the western side we dived into it, and discovered a waterway that neither of us knew existed.

Eventually we reached a waterfall blocking our passage, so we disembarked to stretch our legs, powder our noses and eat our sandwiches. I was thinking that the smooth rock we had landed on was almost to good to be true, when I noticed that it was, in fact made of concrete. I reckon it’s a masterpiece of landscape design, up there with the Mairangi pipeline.

We plan to come back on foot and explore the footbridge we paddled under. In the background of the next photo are the radio masts beside the North Western motorway.

If you look closely at the tree behind Felicity and the boat tied up at the landing, you’ll see a rather strange crop of ‘fruit’.

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