2 thoughts on “Opoto Falls between Taupo & Napier”

  1. Hi there, Am curious about Opoto Falls scenic reserve on Napier-Taupo road. I see from your photograph on this blog that you have the Waipunga falls in the background. Cannot find anything on Google regarding “Opoto Falls”. Is this because it actually should be referred to as the Opoto Scenic reserve and the Waipunga Falls are the only falls in the reserve? Is the actual Opoto Falls track that is on the LH side of the road (if driving from Napier – Taupo) worth a walk. Does it give a different access to the Waipunga falls?

  2. Hi Denise. I think you are correct that this is actually Waipunga Falls. We just stopped briefly for a break and did not explore any walking tracks.

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