Tamaki Drive and Orakei Basin

Having just finished his exams, Kerry was keen to go on a long ride on Friday. The weather looked a bit dodgy, so we thought it best to find somewhere with shelter nearby.

We parked at Pt Erin, and rode towards the city behind the sound barrier. I always thought it was glass, but we passed a section near where a car caught fire a couple of weeks back and melted what is obviously plastic of some type.

I didn’t enjoy riding through the busy downtown area, but as soon as we passed the ferry buildings the congestion eased and I started to enjoy myself. A passing shower started to get too close for comfort, so we stopped outside the Mission Bay toilets to shelter for a few minutes.

The sun soon came out again, so we continued on to the sushi bar at St Helliers to buy lunch to eat on the beach.

We were enjoying ourselves too much to head straight back, so we detoured up Kepa Rd and down to the Orakei Basin and rode across the new board walk beside the railway.

Some of the next bit of the path was fun to ride, but there were rather too many steps for my liking. I don’t mind carrying my bike up steps in an emergency,  but carrying it back down again is a bit heartbreaking.

We took a brief break in the afternoon sun beside the lagoon, then headed back to Tamaki drive and into the city just in time to beat the rush hour traffic.

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