Kaiwaka No2 Island

Tonight we are camping on an island in the middle of the Waikato river. Felicity is cooking steak for dinner, and the rest of us are getting our gear sorted before it gets dark.

We drove down to Port Waikato last night with our friends Helen and Vaughn and stayed in the campground so that we could leave their car parked safely. Then this morning we all drove in my vehical to Mercer with the kayaks, and launched from the beach beside the boat ramp.

Much later (Monday) After a delicious dinner and half a bottle of pinot, my sleeping bag was just too inviting for me to publish this report “from the field” .

The campsite was very pleasant, and the rain held off until we had our tents packed away in the morning.

I found the trip down-river in the rain very pleasant all through the morning, but then we made the mistake of not stopping for lunch on one of the delta islands. Instead heading out into the open across the main channel. With the wind behind us and the tide coming in, we were in a nasty choppy sea that constantly threatened to spin us side-on to the waves. It would have been better fully fuelled, that’s for sure!

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