Gulf Harbour clifftop

Today’s adventure started at the end of Shakespeare Rd, at the end of Whangaparoa Peninsular. We didn’t go into the park; instead we headed around the cliff to the south.

The track is in front of the houses, which in some places have garden on both sides of the path. We had a great view of the boats setting out for a day on the Hauraki Gulf.

We crossed the golf course on the new footpath, then followed the road around to the end of the developed area. Then down through the long grass and around the edge of the marina to the rock groin at the entrance.

We retraced our steps to the road where we could cross to the other side of the channel, where we found the beginning of the path behind the apartments. Eventually we ended up in the Gulf Harbour centre.

We didn’t take a picnic today, so we stopped at the cafe for a bowl of delicious seafood chowder. It felt a bit like we were in the Mediterranean or somewhere similarly exotic.

After our lunch we walked back past the golf course and through suburbia for a couple of km to find the car.

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