I bought a new vehicle

Today I went to Turners Auctions to bid on a Nissan X-trail I found on their website.

I had a good look in the morning, and a short drive on their “test track” – hit nearly 60km/h on the straight before having to brake heavily for the corner. Then I went for an hour’s run to fill in the time before the auction.

As soon as I sat in front of the auctioneer, my head and nose started itching dreadfully, so I had to squirm about carefully scratching while avoiding any inadvertent bids.

When my lot came up, there was one other bidder, who went to $12,400. If I had dared to wait, the next bid might have only needed to be $100 more, but I waved my buyer number and suddenly it was mine.

I thought I had kept my cool pretty well, but afterwards my hand was shaking so much I could barely sign the registration papers! I’ll be picking it up tomorrow.

The van in the photo is the vehicle before mine:

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