Rest home inspection

My dad has just been approved for a rest home subsidy, so we went to inspect one today. I think it will be good for him to have three meals a day, and laundry and cleaning done.

When I arrived at Parakai, he was sitting in the sun admiring his beautiful variegated lilies, of which he is very proud.

The nurse who showed us around the home commented on how thin he is, and told him he would put some weight on if he moved in. Then she invited us to lunch, which I accepted in spite of the nice cafe I had spied down the road.

When we sat down in the dining room he looked around and remarked: “Everyone looks pretty old”.

He then proceeded to eat up all the (rather institutional) lunch, and agreed that I could sign him up. So fingers crossed, my problem relative might just about be sorted. It will be nice to go back to social visits instead of me racing about the house trying to clean up as much shit as possible before it’s time for the long drive home.

I hope the photos upload properly, the fancy new bells & whistles WordPress App has been rather unreliable so far.

[Edit: they didn’t, grrr. Might have to go back to the old version.]

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