Busby Head and Smugglers Cove

Having seen the inviting track leading out towards Busby Head a couple of days before, I didn’t need much persuasion to return.

We decided to ride out past the gun emplacements, which were very interesting. Inside the observation post, soldiers painted the horizon all around the top of the walls; above the window. On the painting is marked all the bearings, so that they could quickly direct gunfire without needing instruments.

Whangarei harbour has changed quite a bit from the 1940’s painting.

We watched a big log ship arrive, close to the rocks below us.  Two tugs positioned themselves carefully in case it strayed from the narrow channel.

The final section of the track out to Busby Head is definitely for walkers only, so we stashed our bikes and continued on foot to where I took the photo.

The track continued down to Smugglers Cove, then up over the saddle to the car park. Next time I would do it in the opposite direction.

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