Paremoremo Picnic

The recent removal of all the pines at end of the road had turned the ramp to soft sticky clay when we launched our kayaks at Whenuapai this morning.
We paddled across the harbour, past Sanders Reserve and into the Paremoremo Creek. I looked hard for mountain-bikers on the trails but never saw one.

Water skiing is popular in the open part of the creek; there’s even a club. We continued up the creek and through a fallen tree until we reached the rocks after the waterfall. It must be very close to Brookdale Rd.

We had spotted a grassy landing not far from the top, which looked like it might even be public, although the map does not support this. Anyway, we enjoyed our roast pork sandwiches sitting under a small pohutukawa. The trees behind us turned out to be an unharvested orchard of nashi pears. We could hear hundreds of birds enjoying a feast -we shared one and it was delicious.

On the way back we explored a side creek that runs up behind the prison. Then it was a matter of avoiding the water skiers, jetskis and other powerboats until we got back to the car. It’s a busy bit of water on a fine weekend. We had to wait at the ramp for yet another boat to launch, and two other kayakers had to wait for us.

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