When I first arrived in the UK I caught a bus to Oxford, where I was met at the bus station by Felicity and her colleague Ros Burnett with whom we are staying. I had a couple of hours to shower and eat lunch, then we set off in the car towards Cardiff, where Felicity was keynote speaker at a conference.

On the journey down, the navigation was in the hands of a GPS unit, set to the default of ‘shortest distance’. The result of this was that for the first hour or so we stayed off the motorway and travelled down small backroads through picturesque country villages. On the return journey we changed the settings to ‘fastest’, which cut almost an hour off the travel time, even though we might have gone a mile or two longer.

I have written about the conference on MENZ here False accusations of abuse in the UK if you are interested.

On Sunday we had a couple of hours free to be tourists, so the obvious choice was Cardiff Castle, right in the middle of town. On the left of the photo is Nicholas Griffin, chairman of FACT, and on the right is Peter Burnett, Ros’ husband. For many years this castle was assumed to date from Norman times, but excavations uncovered buried walls that showed it was once a huge Roman camp. In recent centuries the castle was owned by the Bute family, who made a fortune from coal and other minerals.

Last night back in Oxford we went to dinner with another of Felicity’s colleagues, and today we are about to drive to Glasgow.

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