Moturua Island

For the final night of our Easter holiday, we drove back south and camped at Papa Aroha Holiday Park, again right on the beach.

After a cup of tea, we launched the kayaks and paddled out to Moturua Island, directly in front of us. Around the western side we passed three tiny islets that rise steeply out of the water.

There is an interesting-looking beach on the north-western corner of Moturua, but a fizz-boat had got their first so we didn’t land to check out whether it might be possible to camp here one day

Back on the sheltered east side we kayaked inside another mussel farm and landed on a rather rocky beach to swim and eat lunch.

On the way back home Felicity saw a blue penguin swimming beside her, but I was too far away for her to attract my attention.

We only took one photo on this trip.

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