Picnic dinner at Silverdale

I’d got my heart set on a kayak yesterday evening, so even though the weather looked a bit dodgy we loaded the boats on the car and drove up to Stillwater about an hour before high tide.

By the time we were ready to unload, it was bucketing down, but since it was warm and no wind we decided to head up the Weiti river anyway.

Just as we were about to depart, the rain pretty much stopped so we took off our coats, which probably would have made us too hot for comfort.

After only one mistaken trip up a side channel and back, we arrived at Silverdale and paddled under the three road bridges. We didn’t get much further before the river became blocked with branches, and we had to turn around.

We sat on the wharf and ate our smoked salmon and potato salad, and finished just before the rain started again. We knew we would be warm, so didn’t bother with coats on the way back. So we were completely soaked by the time we arrived back at the car and packed up.

The Weiti is a very attractive place to explore in a kayak, even if we didn’t get the idyllic summer evening I had in mind. There are no photos of Felicity because my camera isn’t waterproof.

One thought on “Picnic dinner at Silverdale”

  1. My garden could have done with the rain you got .
    We had a very fine mist which was no help.
    The river is attractive.xx

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