Brigham Creek

This week my main preoccupation is spending time with grandson Eli, but they have gone up to visit his grandmother in Ruakaka. So today was our first opportunity to go for a kayak since our return from the UK.

Since it was our first expedition of the summer we decided on a short paddle in the upper Waitemata. The Waimare Rd ramp in Whenuapai is not far from home and is sheltered when the wind is from the south as it was today.

We paddled past the wreck of an old barge which must contain quite a bit of valuable scrap steel, even though it is very rusty. Some of the rusty steel seems to have become interesting pieces of art on the lawn behind.

The top if the creek looks quite clear on the satellite photo, but in reality it was filled with mangroves and many fallen trees. We managed to push through nearly as far as the highway, but a huge fallen pine stopped us about 20 metres from the road.

At midday we landed at a handy private ramp and ate our lunch sitting comfortably on pine needles.

With the wind more or less behind us it was an easy 40 minute paddle back to the ramp.

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