Manutewhau Track

Just before you turn off the North Western motorway at Westgate there is a bright yellow steel pedestrian bridge crossing from near the shopping centre.

On Saturday morning we decided the rain would hold off for a few hours and that we would see what lay on the eastern side of the motorway,  so we parked at the back of the shops and set off. At Oreil Ave we doubled back down towards the creek we had just crossed, and found a concrete path.

The track is quite pretty,  but unfortunately the stream was rather stinky so we chose not to linger. After about half an hour we reached Moire Park, and we wandered around the perimeter for a while before heading back towards the Manutewhau stream (AKA Lawson’s Creek ).

It wasn’t long before we came to the long bright blue steel pedestrian bridge across to West Harbour Drive, the turn-around point of our trip. In the distance behind Felicity in the photo,  you can just see the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

You might also notice the dark clouds in the sky; not long after we started back the rain stared and we had to put our ponchos on. We plan to see how far up the creek we can get in the kayaks one day, but I think we’ll eat elsewhere due to the pong!

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  1. I was really pleased to see that bridge has been built – it seemed so dumb that it wasn’t built earlier when the motorway had been finished. Hopefully now the residents can walk across to Westgate instead of going the long way round by car! Cheers, Helen

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