Drury Creek

There have been many occasions when I’ve crossed the Drury Creek on the southern motorway and thought it would be nice to kayak there. Today I got my wish.

We launched on the seaward side of the Hingaia Bridge, and paddled immediately into a strong current caused by the incoming tide. I hadn’t quite had time to get my balance before being swept half out of control past the bridge supports. There is a huge area of harbour in this area, and we had it pretty much to ourselves. We watched over a dozen gliders get towed into the sky from nearby Ardmore airport.

We spent the next couple of hours exploring the small creeks to our left until we finally arrived at the motorway bridge, and soon after that the bridge across Gt South Rd. Just past the bridge was a flat, rocky area that we could only just get over, and I realised it must have been a ford back in the old days.

As soon as we were past the houses we stopped under a tree for lunch, just as the tide was turning – perfect timing!

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