Pataua camp

I was woken at 6am this morning by tuis, and now I’m drinking tea and watching the light changing over the estuary as the sun gets higher.

Kerry Bos and I drove up here yesterday with our bikes, with a plan to see how much of the twin coast cycleway is ridable. It was just on high tide when we arrived, so we burst into action and dragged his kayaks into the water and strung a net across the creek.

After a cup of tea, we went back and found a couple of yellow-eyed mullet, and with a bit of splashing around with the kayak we herded some more into it until we had half a dozen each for dinner.

By this time we were  rather cold, so Kerry got the califont working and we warmed up in the shower. After some late lunch, we hiked to the top of a nearby hill to admire the view.

The fish, cooked expertly on the smoker by Kerry, were delicious; lots of small bones but sweet flesh. Not long after dark we were both in bed asleep.

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