Phang Nga Bay Thailand

On 20th of July, Felicity and I flew to Bangkok then on to Pukhet for a week’s kayaking.

We travelled with another couple; Helen and Vaughan, except that they didn’t get to come in the lounge like those of us with “Gold Elite” status.

I fully intended to update this blog regularly, and on the first day of kayaking I took photos of the ferry we took out to our accommodation on Ko Yao Noi, our own tour boat and our guide about to land on a tropical beach.

Later that evening, however, I began to feel extremely unwell, and couldn’t even face dinner. All the rest of the trip I felt pretty dreadful with some kind of virus.

I did drag myself out of bed each day to go kayaking, but I found it a struggle to carry on for more  than an hour or so. Which means there wasn’t any spare energy for updating websites!

After a couple of days, Helen said she sympathised with me having ‘man flu’, the worst disease known to medical science, but she was impressed that I was “handling it like a woman”!!

I did manage to enjoy myself a bit, and I got to visit the places I really wanted to go to, so it wasn’t a complete waste.

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