Turanga Creek Track

On our way back towards the city, we decided to have a look down the end of Clifton Road to see if there was a suitable kayak launching site. We turned into Potts Rd and noticed a horse track heading downhill towards the banks of the creek, so we decided we had energy to explore further.

The metalled track follows the creek towards the sea, winding in and out of small gullies, some with attractive bush.  A lot of horses use it, so it probably gets a bit slushy in late winter, but I’ll come back on my bike when it’s dry.

It ended a bit abruptly at the edge of a swampy paddock, but a set of mountain-bike tracks  led us over the mud and around the outside of the fence. Eventually we could see vehicles parked at the end of Clifton Rd, where a pleasant reserve gives horses access to the mud-flats. If you didn’t mind getting locked in, it might make a nice place to freedom camp.

From the reserve, a 20min walk up the road bought us back to the car. Yet another part of Auckland that I have never explored.

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