Auckland MTB Club ride the Royal Albany

When I drove in to the Massey car park this morning, I could see almost a dozen riders from the Auckland MTB Club preparing to set off at 9am. I wanted to stop and introduce myself, but I could see Al’s car and trailer driving up the track on the hill behind us, so I set off after him to see if he needed a hand unloading.

By the time I retrieved the shovels from their hiding place, there were a bunch of impatient riders ready to set off, so we decided to leave the gravel unloading till later and join them.

It was great fun riding in a big bunch for a change. I often see a bike or two travelling past on another section of the track, but with a long line of bikes it seemed they were everywhere, and moving in every direction. In some places I met other riders seemingly head-on, only to find both of us turning aside at the last moment as our track looped back.

After a few kms, I took a shortcut to find a strategic position in front of everyone so I could take some photos. Naturally I chose a couple of the more tricky spots!

I was very impressed to see several riders go back and have another try at some of the technical sections.

By the time I got back on my bike and joined the ride, there were only six of the keenest riders left. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to keep up.

At the end of the trail, I stopped to help barrow a few loads of gravel down to cover the track over some new culverts.

There are one or two spots which need urgent attention, but overall the trail is riding beautifully, and I think those of us in the construction crew can be proud of our work.

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