Rotorua in the rain

I’m in the back of my X-trail beside a steaming hot pool in Rotorua, about to spend my first night.

I arrived early afternoon, and immediately wasted an hour and $6.50 learning that instead of the great waterproof fold-out map they used to have, you now can only get a booklet (now a soggy mess after one ride) or a “mankie”, which is a map printed on a handkerchief; so small it is completely useless.

By this time I was at the Redwoods Information Centre, so I set off up the hill into the park. About 45min later the distant thunder had shifted directly overhead, and the drizzle was getting heavier.

So I turned around, enjoyed a fantastic 15min of downhill, carried my bike most of the way down an impossibly steep 10mins, then rode out to Tarawera Rd under the trees.

By now I had my coat on, but everything was starting to get wet, so I returned to the car and caught up on my email. Then the sun came out, so I hopped back on the bike and road for several km along the Tarawera River.

The trail lead through a thermal area I’d never seen before, and eventually ended up next to the Polynesian Pools near the downtown area.

By now the weather was looking dodgy again, so I headed back to the car.

Now that I’ve had a feed and a long soak in a hot pool; I’m ready for sleep.

One thought on “Rotorua in the rain”

  1. hey potts , M8 ,
    good to read of your rotorua ad ventures and a pleasant suprise to see my name and details pre
    details pre-loaded in the correct pigeon holes . this device which underlines in
    red is distarction ,( some typho ‘s i leave in to add to the performance ) i got
    sidetracted by my friendly computer nerd so im having an extra tues day Whacko ! !

    with lotsa good doobie bros. wishes ,

    jay emm ( mr dude )

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