Beveridge Track, Titirangi

Keen to ride a new trail, and to see if Steve the bike mechanic has finally got my gears changing properly, I headed to the Waitakeres this morning.

I parked a little way up the Scenic Drive next to the filter station on the corner of Woodlands Drive. Trying to ignore all the broken car window glass, my friend John Miller and I set off along Exhibition Drive, following the pipeline. The first few kilometres were very easy on a flat metal road that followed the contour of the hill.

All the way we were in beautiful native bush, with views of the Huia reservoir and the Manukau beyond.

Beveridge Track itself is mostly uphill, and leads to a fantastic viewpoint a few hundred metres before the end of the track at the Arataki Information Centre. It’s fairly exciting coming back down, but you have to beware of pedestrians.

One thought on “Beveridge Track, Titirangi”

  1. hello ,
    yeah a very pleasant( if a bit steep in parts ) ride and walk up the hill to
    arataki scenic center thingie . and my riding down the scenic drive on skinny
    tyres and dead heating with john at the finish was great fun .would recommend
    this trail for its tranquility , great views , and superb down hill and if you
    can enjoy the refreshments that we did so much the better . 5 stars .

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