RIP Spaghetti

Yesterday I rode a bunch of Woodhill trails for what might be the last time. Next week the loggers arrive to harvest the pine trees. The bike park hopes to be able to repair the tracks afterwards, but they will be out in the open for quite a few years; the sandy surface will dry out faster and be less fun to ride.

When I first rode at Woodhill with Kerry back in 2008, Spaghetti was one of the trails we chose, and I’ve enjoyed it many times since. Yesterday I made sure I did all five stages. 

On the way back to the car park, travelling by road because I had a meeting arranged at my dad’s house, I spotted another trail I’ve often enjoyed called Afterglow, in the same block that is about to be felled. Wrongly assuming it lead home, I charged down it, and ended a couple of km back down the road on the wrong side of the hill, where I had been 30min before. Bother!

It will be interesting to see what the start of the track looks like when the trees are gone.

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