Power to the people

On my run this afternoon I passed through the old Clemows orchard, down near Rosedale Rd. On the public reserve between the houses and the creek, there are dozens of old apple trees, where those in the know can get free fruit in season.

Today I noticed dozens of the trees had been cut down, along the line of the power lines.

A local bloke told me it is because a new underground power cable is being laid from Hobson St in the city, along the motorway to Rosedale then along the valley to Bass Rd in Albany. He was at a public meeting yesterday which was told that the power company is planning to plant two equivalent trees for every one they cut down. Good on them!

On the southern side of Bush Rd a new metal track has been laid on a textile base, presumably so that construction vehicles can get along. I hope it is going to stay; it will be great for cycling.

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