When we woke this morning in Milngavie the sky was blue and the sun was shining brightly. The clouds started to roll in as we were eating breakfast, but it hasn’t rained more than a few spits so we have had a great first day of walking. We could have started the day with a “full Scottish breakfast”, but the alternative of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs seemed a much better choice.

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Bothwell and Craignethan Castles

Bothwell castle is on a cliff above the Clyde river, upstream of Glasgow. In the middle of the 13th century Walter Murray started building what would have been one of the largest castles in Scotland, but before it was finished he got caught up in the wars of independence, and the castle was captured by the English, recaptured by the Scots,  etc, etc.
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I intended to be restrained this morning, and ordered bacon and eggs instead of the “full Scottish breakfast”, but when Felicity asked for haggis I succumbed to peer pressure and asked the waiter for some as well. She only ate half hers, and Judith didn’t eat any after a Google search informed her what it is made of. So after polishing off the lot I was in need of a lot of excersise today.
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