Hauhei to Hot Water Beach

Commercial kayak tours south of Hauhei are promoted as “remote coast”, and only leave in the mornings before the wind gets up. We were on the beach ready to go soon after 8.30 am, so we had a chance to talk to the tour guide before any of his customers arrived. He told us to beware of hidden reefs, and to check out caves carefully before paddling inside. Most importantly, he drew a map on the sand to show us where to find the ‘blow hole’.
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Te Angiangi Marine Reserve

The free camping area at Pourerere Beach is right beside a dusty road with lots of traffic, so even though it had a nice sea view we only stayed long enough for a cup of tea.

The next beach south is at Aramoana, and it turned out to be one of the most interesting places on this section of coast. There is only space for three vehicles at the far end of the carpark, but because it is at the end of a long no-exit road we had it all to ourselves, much to our surprise.
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Afternoon at Murawai

I’ve just returned home from a very pleasant outing to the West coast, where Ian Thomsen was celebrating his 60th birthday. Judith went early in the morning to work as a kitchen slave, but we arrived at midday, just as the BBQ was being lit.

We didn’t even manage two of the five whole beef fillets, but it was an excellent feed. I was sure glad I went for a run this morning.

After eating, everyone except the serious drinkers went for a walk on the beach. I enjoyed catching up with Elaine, recently returned from nearly four years in London.

A brief shower of rain encouraged us to turn back, but by the end of the beach it seemed sunny again, so we climbed the steps to see the gannets. A much heavier shower saw most of the group heading for home, but I stayed for a while with Murray watching the birds.